About TaCRI

Ownership: TaCRI is owned by the stakeholders who it is serving. These include small and large-scale coffee farmers, cooperative societies and unions dealing in coffee, coffee processors, coffee traders, relevant NGOs, the private sector, and the Tanzanian Government.

Funding: TaCRI is a non-profit organisation. Therefore, it derives its income from its member’s contribution through voluntary contributions, government and donor contributions; collaborative activities; and the sale of materials and services (e.g. plant materials and publications).

TaCRI Focus: Key for any organisation to succeed, is to have a clear focus against what activities can be planned and progress can be judged.

Defining the organisations focus was TaCRI’s first task when it was launched. Through a collective process, involving all personnel within the new organisation, a clear set of values and objectives was produced against which TaCRI bases its management and operational working practice.

TaCRI is committed to operating in line with the following key values:

  • Strong demand-driven, stakeholder-led and market-oriented technology development and dissemination.
  • Improvement of income security and livelihoods of coffee growers.
  • Enlightened leadership
  • Imagination, creativity and innovativeness,
  • Commitment to excellence, diligence and high quality service delivery to stakeholders.
  • Thinking big and acting big.
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • A sense of urgency in all of our activities
  • Tolerance, mutual respect and trust at all levels
  • Commitment to honesty and integrity
  • Proper information flow and feedback at all levels.
  • Cost-consciousness
  • Teamwork
  • Forging smart partnerships.