Soil Fertility Laboratory

The TaCRI Soil Fertility Laboratory is located at Lyamungu Headquarters, Hai District, Tanzania. It was built in 2007 and inaugurated on 18th February 2008, by Hon. Tim Clarke, the Head of Delegation of the European Commission in Tanzania. Its objective has been to provide coffee stakeholders with reliable and sustainable analytical services for soils, water and plant tissues. The goal is to enable farmers (growing coffee and other crops) to make scientifically informed decisions regarding the appropriate types and rates of fertilizer and other soil amendments to apply in their farms. For more information click here

Plant Nutrition

In this key result area, several achievements have been recorded during SAPs I, II and III. Two consultancy reports submitted in 2005 had revealed lack of coherent soil fertility database. Following this observation, soil fertility evaluation was carried out in 5 coffee growing zones and district reports submitted, which include ISFM recommendations down to ward level. Review and compilation of ISFM packages continued, and a new coffee yield model was developed. The model, called SAFERNAC, was tested with soils of Hai and Lushoto and found to work well. For more information click here