Technology Transfer & Training

The Technology Transfer & Training research programme of TaCRI plays a crucial role as the mouthpiece for all of TaCRI’s work. The Programme is responsible for communicating the results of the Institute’s output to the coffee industry, in ways that are appropriate and meaningful to its many different groups of stakeholders. The programme other important role is to assist in the multiplication and mass distribution of improved coffee varieties to farmers, and will provide the literature and training require.

The programme has initiated a training programme (Training of Trainers) in which extension staff and farmer group leaders are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to disseminate important technical messages down to grassroots.

One of TaCRI’s most important roles is to assist the development and mass distribution of new disease resistant, high quality and high yielding coffee varieties.

Technology transfer and training are seen as important TaCRI activities if Tanzania is to regain and enhance its reputation for producing large enough volumes of quality coffees. With its head office at Lyamungu, Kilimanjaro Region, TaCRI will serve the whole country through substations at Mbimba in Mbozi District, Ugano in Mbinga District, Mwayaya in Buhigwe District, Maruku in Bukoba District and Sirari in Tarime District.