Mbimba station in Mbozi District, Songwe Region is located in the Southern Highlands at an altitude of 1,500m. Rainfall patterns are un-modal starting from mid-October to mid of April. The average rainfall is between 1,300-1,800mm. With around 246 000 progressive farmers and 6 estates, coffee production is increasing steadily. The area under cultivation is 59,950 ha with an average production of 16,500 tons per year of at least 250-300 gm and 280-300 kg per ha. Potential production is estimated at 50,000 tonnes annually.

The function of Mbimba Station is to support the development of the coffee industry by disseminating proven technologies to district extension staff, farmers and estates through the provision of training courses and by promoting extension messages; and, supporting the central research program by facilitating on-farm and on-station research.