Mwayaya station in Buhigwe District is the second newest station to serve coffee growers in the Kigoma region and the neighboring district of Ngara in the Kagera region. With close to 4,000 coffee-growing families, Kigoma is known for its medium roast, famous for the sweet smell of honey and citrus. Coffee growers in the Kalinzi area live side by side with the Great Gombe Game reserve, renowned for the Chimpanzee and its research. Mwayaya station promotes sustainable coffee production while sensitizing growers to adopt conservatory practices in their coffee production. Mwayaya substation is located at 4º28’ S and 29º49’E, 1,530m above sea level. It is 54km from Kigoma town and just 11km away from bordering Burundi. Mwayaya station is the only agricultural research facility in the Kigoma region and the only research center dedicated to coffee in the entire western zone.

The function of Mwayaya Station is to support the development of the coffee industry in Kigoma and adjacent districts by disseminating proven technologies to district extension staff, farmers, and estates through the provision of training courses, promoting extension messages, supporting the central research program by facilitating on-farm and on-station research and facilitating effective two-way linkages.