TaCRI’s Sirari station in Tarime is one of the latest stations to serve coffee growers in Tarime District situated near Lake Victoria, bordering Kenya. Tarime is renown for its natural, hard Arabica coffee. The district has an estimated 35,000 ha of arable land. Area under coffee production currently stands at 2,850 ha under Arabica production and 50 ha under Robusta production. Approximately 7,750 smallholders from 46 villages currently produce natural Arabica and about 400 farmers from 15 villages have opted for Robusta. The average production for the district is around 2,300 tons per year - an average of 0.38 tons per ha of clean coffee.

Tarime receives bi-modal rainfall of between 1200-1600mm (highlands) and 900-1200mm (midlands). The long rainy period is between March and May and short rainy period is between August and November.

Function of Sirari Station is to support the development of the coffee industry in Tarime and adjacent districts by disseminating proven technologies to district extension staff, farmers, and estates. This is achieved by training courses, promoting extension messages, supporting the central research program by facilitating on-farm and on-station research, promoting effective two-way linkages, facilitating Participatory Approach and implementing village based training.